Politics of Pakistan

A politics play an important role in the development of country. By this process, the fate of a country is decided. If this system is not good then there is one thing must be assure that this result in devastation of country. We live in a society in which every person do politics. Now it looks like that this become an integral part of every society. If you don’t obey this process then you cannot survive in society because this is the pivot point of success for every society and country. This is a noble work to do work for the development of people.

The rule of law is very important for every system. If it is not then a system is destroyed you cannot survive in a system where no rule of law. A society where no rule of law then you cannot survive in that society. So, the rule of law is the base of politics. The politics of Pakistan is not enough good due to its bad policies and double standards. There is only rule for poor society. The rich society consider themselves above the law. Because of this double standards, it looks like a forest where a strong people only have right to live.

In a recent several years, the country goes to very bad circumstances such as the economic growth of Pakistan is less than an Apple company. The budget of the country goes to most in corruption and all this fuss is because of bad politicians such as Nawaz Sharif and Asif ali zardari. These two mafias are responsible for the bad condition of Pakistan. They corrupt every department of country and looted a healthy amount of the country. In result, the country faces big challenges now a days. The people like this make this noble work very dirty.

If a man like Imran khan the present prime minister of Pakistan who work day and night for the prosperity of country but the people like them oppose his struggle. Because these people don’t want the prosperity of country. And when Imran Khan wants to move country in a right direction then these mafia put hinders in the way of him. In my opinion, all these mafia should be hanged. Because system is not running because of them properly.

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