Rule of Law What is The Rule?

Everybody has this question in his mind. I wanna define this sentence by facts and figures. A rule is the moral act or principles that difference between a man to the animal. In animals there is no law that gives equal rights to all its species, there is only law in their society is law of power. A specie who is powerful is that only specie that have right to live in animal society.

By this we must know the importance of rule of law in a society. A rule gives every man their rights. If there is no law or no rule then every weak man will be ruined. Because a powerful man doesn’t give rights to the weak people. To implement law the law departments are formed. Police and other security departments are responsible for this.

There are many examples in our country where without law no people are peaceful and prosper. Where there is law only for weak people not for rich people. This is the bitter reality that we have face in daily aspects of life. There are some evil people in society that forcefully steal money from poor and put pressure on them to fulfill their desire.

In underdevelope country,the poor become more poorer and a rich become more richer all this fuss is because of no rules or principles. Such as the Nawaz Sharif and zardari are the examples of that people who are the main reason for the drastically condition of country. These two are the responsible for bad condition of every industry and mills of country.

These two fill their own bank balance and the poor become more poorer. In the reion of these two there is no rule of law and the ineligible people are become officer without any merit. Because of this, a bad result is come and people don’t get their rights. But there cruel span also end one day and they caught by law.

Now a days they face jail because of bad works that they have done in their tenure. Now when law is establish and the only way the law is establish when they are no in government. Now they should have to turn back looted money and face the days of jail.
The main reason of these people to discuss is that these two people dose not follow rule of law and now a days they face jail. This is the result of people who doesn’t follow rule of law.

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