Water shortage

Water is life for all the species at this planet. We cant survive without it. Think about this drastically behaviour of nature if one day there is no water on earth. What will happen to the living organisms. Everyone die with the shortage of water. Because human beings eats vegetables, fruits and wheat etc and all these things are grown by the help of water. A non-living thing becomes living with the help of water.

But now a days we face severe problems of water shortage. All this is because of human activities. A man is the major cause in change the of global system. As you know we use perfumes and other things that can create carcinogens which in turn cause the depletion of ozone layer. And which in turn cause the ultra violet radiation to reach to the earth.

And which cause the increase in earth temperature and in this way glaciours melt and water level increase in river and this water then goes to sea because of flood and all this water then move to sea. In this way, a large amount of waste. Then there is no water for fields which result in land without sea.

We follow some helping outlines and the most important things that in turn help us to avoid loss of water. The first thing we that we close the shower during bathing when we use soap. And after this we also follow the use perfume precautions such as we use that type of perfume which has less amount of carcinogens and also other chemicals. In this way depletion of ozone decrease. No uv radiation comes to the earth and which turn in no increase of its temperature. The basic demand is that we must use our bad habits.

We change ourselves morally. Water is a transparent,odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth’s nature.

We must throw our waste material to the specific place because if we through our waste to the rivers that it harms the sea animals and also cause their death. Such as there are many chemicals in mills and factories residue if all this fuss enter in sea then it cause the clogen of their nervous system and in turn to their death. That is the precautions that we use to avoid water loss and save the life of their future. As a good human being we must follow that habits and show the reflection of a moral man.

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