Mother Tongue

We have innate ability to learn a language without any restriction. We learn this language in our home without the help of any tutor. Listening is the main process to learn it. Because through listening we learn more than reading. When we get real senses in this witty world we can easily share our ideas and fulfill our desires through speaking. Mother tongue have a sacred place in our heart.

Because its a part of human nature to love his/her birth place and first language means mother tongue. In our streets when we play our friends and schools we learn second language it may be Punjabi, Saraiki, pashto, Urdu, etc.

After the passage of time we become bilingual or multilingual unintentionally. The effect of other languages in our lives is that we automatically switch into other language unintentionally, means we use the vocabulary of other languages in our daily conversation. In our home we speak mother tongue but we use other word witch we borrow from second language, window word is not exist in our Punjabi or Saraiki language but we use this word causally.

Exact pronunciation of this word in Punjabi is ‘khirki’ or ‘bari’ but we ignore the original word and replace it with English vocabulary due to its massive use in our society. When we want to express our rag to other person we automatically switch into our mother tongue for the purpose of our ease and relaxation. The reason is that we have comand in our mother tongue and we are the native speaker of that language. When we abuse someone we definitely speak in our mother tongue because, we have a store house of vulgar words in our mind and through this language we tease someone with full entention and feel comfortable after giving our comments for other prson.

Whenever we think about something we definitely think in our first language (mother tongue). We have huge vocabulary of this language. Because after birth we can listen well and about two to three years we just listen our mother or other family members. Through listening we learn a lot of words and create our vocabulary in a definite way. After three years we are able to speak well and able to use right words at right place. We love our mother tongue because it is a language of our family.

Other languages we learn for our social and political benefits like , for the purpose of education, learning, conversation, getting a job and many other benefits. But we automatically learn our mother tongue by birth without any restrictions.
At the end I want to say that mother tongue get a special place in our heart then any other language.

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